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DO THE MATH! - Pure Pork Politicians would have you believe its big business and Wall St. that has caused all our woes. Last time I checked, it was politicians taking the biggest cut out of my check, not Gates or Buffet!


IMMUTABLE TRUTH - Meet the new jobs plan, same as the old jobs plan. How many more times will he have to 're-explain it', claiming we just don't understand it?

YOU JUST CAN'T MAKE THIS SHIT UP! - because Tarp worked so well at $ 787 Billion, to create "shovel ready jobs" we only need $450 B this time to get the economy going again!

"DON'T READ TOO MUCH INTO UNEMPLOYMENT NUMBERS" - (In other words, forget that I said all the porkulus spending was supposed to have unemployment below 6% right now!)

READY FOR ROUND 2? - The stimulus package wasn't "big enough"... will that be the next whine we will hear?

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Zero Based Budgeting -

YOUR STIMULUS DOLLARS AT WORK - one worker: three supervisors

THERE'S NO AMOUNT OF LIPSTICK - to hide the fact that Obama's Pork broke the piggy bank!

THE PORKULUS BILL - Was promised to keep unemployment below 8 percent. Today, we have had 28 consecutive months at more than 8 percent unemployment!

PORK BARRELL POLITICIANS - Are those pork sandwiches too?

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LAME DUCKS - How soon before they break for the holidays? Not soon enough. Enough damage has been done to this country. We can't afford any more pork-laden trillion dollar spending bills!

GOVERNMENT BLOAT - You heard Harry Truman say "The Buck Stops here.", well, today its: "The Pork Starts here!"


CONGRESSIONAL SESSION - Nancy calls her troops back for another porkulus, er stimulus package!

INVEST IN OUR FUTURE - With three plus attempts at > 3 trillon dollars, He's already failed at investing in America's future. Why should anyone believe him now? It's only veiled language for "More Pork", "less Beef"

Anthropomorphizing Animals -

Obsequious Totalitarian Dhimmitude -

liberals are a special kind of stupid -

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Cannabal - October 7, 2015, 1:21 am
This website deserves a better class of 'fake.

RINO Rogers the “Prince of Pork” -